A Wandering American Indian Traveler

Native American cultural interpreter traveling, wandering, observing, wondering.

Friday, December 31, 2004


Yesterday I went to visit family.
I spent time with my sister who I'd lost for seven years.
As I've written elsewhere, I stayed with her and her daughters years ago
when I traveled throught our childhood territory.
Then she was gone.
Family members told me she was in some small town, nobody knew exactly where.
This went on for seven years. Then hooray. Back together again.
I enjoy our visits.
Since our renewed contact she has had mdeical emergencies.
But she told me that the last year has been the best for her in
seven years.
She has her own place, she is taking care of herself, taking her meds.
We'll go to a pow wow soon.
So she can reconnect with our people.
Safe journeys,,,

Sun dance, 30 years ago.

Many years ago, I was living in another state.
I was active with different American Indian groups.
(This was before the change to "Native American")
I was invited to participate in a Sun Dance.
I considered it, and told them no.
It wasn't until much later that I realized the honor of being
asked to participate.
And it wasn't until much later that I realized that I
hadn't been ready to participate in the Sun Dance.
I was much too young and didn't realize the significance, and the
Safe journeys,,,,

Tribal memories

Many years ago I visited a tribe.
After some time passed, members would share a little bit with me.
An anthro had come to study the tribe, and wanted to know where the
sacred spots where, where people had gone for what some would call
vision quests.
Those who knew refused to tell.
Then the last person who knew the locations died.
The knowledge of those sacred spots died with that person.
I have no problem with this.
Mostly because it is not my business.
I repeat, it is none of my business.
It is tribal business, and I wasn't a member of that tribe.
Safe journeys,,,

Sunday, December 26, 2004


Ooh, that familiar pain.
I went treasure hunting at a thrift store this morning.
Returned home,aches and pains.
I thought I could just wait it out.
Then I remembered how pain can really fatigue me.
If I'm not careful, if I don't take care of myself,
I'll let the pain ride, and it'll just drain me.
Little by little.
I'll sleep poorly, wake up tired, and recycle the fatigue.
So, I took some pain meds, napped for thirty minutes,
took another thirty minutes to fully get moving.
Went for a long walk, for me, that's half an hour or so.
Stopped at a gyro place, then on to a used bookstore.
Good stuff.
Safe journeys,,,

Again, small world, Seattle

I just rode in on a series 70 bus from downtown, to the U dist.
Listening, taking pictures of the Space Needle(I'm working on a "slide" show
titled "Viewing the Space Needle from Public Transit")
My version of "Views of Mt. Fuji.", which may already have been done,
doesn't matter.
This is mine.
Sitting just forward of the accordion fold, I heard tow people talking.
A family from Anchorage, a man who lived in Fairbanks some time ago, and me,
the listener, from Juneau.
Probably happens a lot here .
One of my buddies, went into the outback of Belze and met a coouple from
Safe journeys,,,,

Friday, December 24, 2004

It's still dark

but the sun will rise soon.
I slept in this mmorning, I don't know why.
Made my morning cup of coffee.
Started waking up.
Years ago, decades ago, I read that habits can be time savers,
or make life easier.
I use that.
I also read long ago that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, a new
routine, a new behavior.
I use that.
I think a morning cup of coffe helps me wake, so I do it.
If the situation makes for no coffee, okay.
With habits, I have an automatic pilot, and can move along, with little
concious direction, control.
However, when I see that I need to change that habit,
I work for 21 days to set up a new one.
I'm adjusting my automatic pilot.
I have to be aware, be concious of my life, for this to work.
Safe journeys,,,

Thursday, December 23, 2004

After solstice

The days are longer!
The days are longer!
The nights are shorter.
The nights are shorter.
This afternoon I bought a set of those bright, natural light, bulbs.
Oh, what a difference it makes in my room.
Brightness, oh, my mental attitude is much better.
SAD, but true, I need the light.
And more , and more, will be in my day.
Safe journeys,,,

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Breakfast in Seattle

Arrived Seattle Friday afternoon.
Went to breakfast this morning.Sunday.
First choice was Athenian, the restaurant Tom Hanks
ate in in the movie 'Sleepless in Seattle".
But it was closed. Padlocked.
So went to Lowells.
Busy, crowded.
Went to the top floor, good view.
People waitinf for an open table.
I finally got my table, started to eat.
I watched a couple a few tables over.
They were doing a crossword puzzle.
They weren't eating.
I watched people stack up, like planes waiting for landing.
And this couple kept on with the puzzle.
I don't know if they were locals, lording it over others.
Or locals, clueless.
Or visitors, also clueless.
At least two waves of diners came and went.
Then it took at least five minutes for the prep to leave, the leave, and gone.
Interesting, etiquette?
What am I missing?
Am I way old.?
Safe journeys,

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Back on the west coast/chorizo scramble

I enjoy being in the Bay Area.
The train was three hours late last night.
But that isn't bad, I've arrived 13 hours late into D.C., middle of the
night, before.
I slept in, got a hair cut, and went to Jim's in Alameda for breakfast.
That's where the chorizo scramble comes in.
It's a new dish , and I went for it.
Chorizo with scrambled eggs, oh, oh, the spicy flavor,
the corn tortillas, the flavors from the past.
I definitely recommend Jim's, just off Park Street, if you're ever in Alameda.
Later I went to Barnes and Noble for a book I need for research for
a book I'm writing.
They don't have it, will special order.
Yes, but I can order Amazon and probably get a better deal.
I was willing to try a national chain, for the immediate purchase.
But any wait, just means I can do just a well or better with Amazon.
Safe journeys,