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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Arlee, Montana, pow wow, years ago

I drove all night, it felt like it anyway.
I had to stop several times to rinse the sleep out of my eyes.
To be able to continue driving.
Went over Lolo Pass, drove into Montana.
Arrived at the pow wow grounds in the darkness.
Clear night, stars so bright.
Tipis, tents, cars, vans, trucks, rvs, in the night.
Quiet, everyone sleeping.
In the mrrning the wake up crew came by.
In the bright day,
I could see we were in the middle of a huge field,
I could see porta potties scattered throughout the area.
Oh, the Grand Entry, the druming, the dancers,
oh the singing, the out of doors wonder.
Fry bread, Indian tacos, venison stew,
popcorn, soda pop, hot coffee, good food,
good friends, some from the past,
some yet to meet.
Oh, that wonderful feeling,
oh the heart swelling, at the Grand Entry.
safe journeys,,,


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