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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Death in the family

I just gor word that one of my aunts died, oh, half an hour ago.
I have mixed feelings.
She was the aunt I had the most difficulty being around.
She was a drinker, mean, envious, jealous of my mother.
When I grew up, when I could decide for myself, I stayed away from her.
I had as little contact with her as possible.
But she is part of my childhood.
I remember that she helped raise me and my siblings.
My momn had to work, and my aunt was our bably sitter.
Years, and years of family.
I've heard of horrific abuse of my uncles, just hints.
And when I consider my aunt, her life, her behavior, her
drinking, reflect abuse.
When I first got the news, I decided not to go to the funeral.
But, she is family, she is my aunt.
If I think back, if I remember stories, she helped my mother.
She helped my mother cope with, deal with, a hard life.
My aunt helped me and my siblings to survive our childhoods.
Mixed feelings, for sure.
Safe journeys,,,


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